St Erth PCC Minutes

Minutes of St. Erth PCC meeting held on 23/11/2018



Rev. S. Clifton,  H. Purchase,  R. Purchase, B. Read,  D. Tilby,  K. Tilby,  E Eddy,

N. Pincott, J. Darvell, L. Stockton.         Meeting chaired by Rev. Clifton.


1.     Prayers  The meeting opened with prayers.

2.     Apologies received from I. Alford, I. Swithinbank

3.     Minutes of the meeting held on 28/9/2018  were accepted as a true record.  Proposed N. Pincott seconded H. Purchase.  Carried unanimously.

4.     Matters Arising

a)     It was agreed to buy 3 tables from Gopak to replace the small tables used at the back of the church  for refreshments.                                                                     

b)     It was agreed that Ian A. Should purchase the display boards.                           

5.     Correspondence

Letter received from the Bone Cancer charity requesting we collect used postage stamps. Decided unanimously not to because stamps are already collected in the village.

6.     Reports

a)     Finance.  Approximately £10,000 in the bank account.

Richard has attended a team treasurer’s meeting to discuss arrangements for the team payment of the MMF next year.

b)     Planned Giving – Reclaimed tax has been received.

c)      Church Fabric. A specialist glazier has repaired the broken windows.  It was agreed that we would accept his quote of £200 to clean the east window on the outside, and discuss further with him the cost of grilles on the windows.  We are preparing the required information for the faculty for the lights.  The wall by the Trewinnard chapel is damp and Derek will ask Shaun from SHR, who is working in the hall next week, to take a look at this area.                                             

d)     Hall – Two large tables have been bought with money from the advertising fees in the new St. Erth directory and from the Parish Lunch.  We had a meeting with an acoustic company who are preparing a quote for some sound proofing in the hall.  We have had some pyracanthas  planted at the back of the toilet roof.  Overhanging trees need to be checked in this area.                                             

e)     Welcome Group – New service leaflets for the non-eucharistic service and Ordinary Time are in use. In the New Year we will meet again and plan the next project.

f)       Safeguarding – George Lawry needs to complete his safeguarding training on line. 

g)     Churchwarden’s meeting – met in October and November, next meeting scheduled for January.

h)     Mission and outreach – We raised £200 for the Christian Blind association following a service of the word led by Helen.  All proceeds from the Christmas Parish Lunch are going to Breadline for their work with the homeless in Penzance this Christmas.

7.     Quinquennial  report – This has been emailed out prior to the meeting and the suggested action points were discussed. We will: ask the glazier to overhaul the dormer windows,  paint gutters and downpipes next summer, get a builder to inspect the roof and gulleys annually in the summer, find the woodworm in the boiler room and arrange to have them treated, arrange to clean and oil the Trewinnard chapel woodwork and discuss wheelchair access at the next welcome group meeting.

8.     Pew cushions – information circulated, to be discussed at a later date.

9.     Future dates

PCC: 25th January 2019  9 a.m. at Helen and Richard’s house.

PCC: 22nd March 9am

APCM: 7th April 2019 after the 9.30 service

Carol concert – 1st December, Joyce will help Barbara with the refreshments.  Mince pies needed for this event

Farmer’s Market teas – December 8th, Joyce, Sharon and Barbara will be there, cakes needed

Advent spiral – 12th December 6pm – 8pm Helen will ask Peter to help put out the spiral the day before, helped by Richard, Kathy and Les. Rota to be in church with Helen – Richard 6 – 6.30, Sharon 6.30 – 7, Derek 7 – 7.30, Richard 7.30 – 8.

Christingle – 16th December making Christingles 10am in the hall Saturday 15th

Carol service - 16th December Mince pies needed


Roger Evans has offered to administer the chalice, agreed by Kathy Tilby, seconded by Helen Purchase.

Church cleaning day – 20th December 9.30 – 12.30, followed by lunch.

Remembrance Sunday – it is difficult to hear all of the speakers at the war memorial, could we buy a portable speaker and microphone?

100 club – Frank has asked if the prizes can be reduced to 3 each draw as we don’t have 100 members. This was agreed.

Stephen Murley is collecting and recording information about all of the graves in the churchyard.

We will be sending out a Christmas card to all on the electoral roll.

The church has been given an engraved gilt paten, in memory of Trevor Cowls, from his family.  Barbara will write a letter of thanks.

Service of the word – next year Colin will be taking these services.

Windows Into ...... Helen will continue to run these courses.

11.The meeting ended with the grace at 11.15 a.m.




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