St Erth PCC Minutes

Minutes of St. Erth PCC meeting held on 25/01/2019 at 9.00 at 27 Boscarnek (Helen Puchase’s home)



H. Purchase, R. Purchase, B. Read,  D. Tilby, K Tilby, I Swithinbank, N Pincott, J. Darvell, Les Stockton.

              Meeting chaired by Helen Purchase in the  absence of S. Clifton.


1.      Prayers.                           The meeting opened with prayers.

2.      Apologies.                      Sharon Clifton, E.Eddy, Ian Alford.

3.      Minutes                           Of the meeting held on 23/11/2018 were received and accepted as a true record. Carried unanimously

4.      Matters Arising            Barbara is going to buy the tables directly. The boards for the Church Welcome have been purchased. Christmas events all went very well.        

5.      Correspondence          None

6.      Reports

a)      Finance:           Finances generally healthy. Agreed to transfer £2000 to the Restoration fund. Net annual Hall income is approx   £3000 p.a. Agreed to transfer £100 monthly for regular Hall maintenance. Motion proposed, seconded and carried unanimously. Agreed to increase MMF payments to £500 monthly; motion proposed, seconded and carried unanimously. The question of a flagpole fund was raised by Mr. Stockton and will be followed up. £144 still available for the fund from previous contributions.

b)      Planned Giving:     Will review the new electoral roll when available to see if any new  members wish to join regular giving scheme.                     

c)      Church Fabric: We have a quote to clean the Stained glass window above the altar of £250. The plan is to have this done before the daffodil festival. Faculty for the lighting has been submitted. Hole is to be drilled in the hall kitchen wall for an extractor fan from the cooker.

d)      Quinquennial report: List of things to be done from report to be summarised and kept on the minutes until cleared. These are as follows:

                                i.            Ask the glazier to overhaul the dormer windows

                               ii.            Paint gutters and downpipes next summer

                             iii.            Get a builder to inspect the roof and gulleys annually in the summer

                             iv.            Find the woodworm in the boiler room and arrange treatment

                               v.            Clean and oil the Trewinnard Chapel woodwork

                             vi.            Discuss wheelchair access at next welcome group meeting

e)      Hall: Improving the acoustics of the hall: this is being researched, there may be simple measures that we can undertake ourselves. Overhanging branch needs to be lopped.

f)       Welcome Group: New service leaflets ready for trial use. The next Welcome group meeting is on Friday 8th February at 09.30 in the church. Anyone on  the PCC welcome.

g)      Safeguarding: We have a Safeguarding policy which needs discussion in the standing committee, meeting set on Friday 8th March at 9.00 at Helen Purchase’s home.

h)      Churchwardens’ meeting: Meeting yesterday. Treasurers now going to attend meetings three monthly. Church candles: Agreed that we will trial replacing the  two altar candles with refillable oil candles.

i)        Mission and Outreach: Parish lunch continuing successfully along with numerous other social and fundraising events.              Lent fundraising for Breadline to be done again this year.  The Advent spiral was very successful; we plan to have another Lent Spiral this year; 20th March agreed as the date; 7-9 p.m.

7.      New Electoral Roll preparation: Frank Nolan will deal with this. Secretary to liase about this. Lists to be displayed on the notice board in the porch.

8.      APCM: All reports to be returned to the secretary by the 15th March (week before next PCC meeting).

9.      A.O.B.    Barbara Read suggested doing the £10 challenge again this year (only making a £20 challenge). Aim to start at Easter and finish at Harvest festival (October).

10.  Date of next meeting : PCC on Friday 22nd March. Standing committee Friday 8th March 9 a.m. at Helen Purchase’s.

11.  Meeting closed with the Grace at 1045.


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