St Erth PCC Minutes

Minutes of St. Erth PCC meeting held on May 24th 2019  at 9.00 a.m. at 27 Boscarnek



1.     Present: H. Purchase, R. Purchase, I. Swithinbank, J. Darvell, B. Read, K. Tilby, D. Tilby, S. Murley, L. Stockton. Meeting chaired by H. Purchase.

2.     Prayers: The Meeting opened with prayers

3.     Apologies : Ian Alford, N. Pincott,

4.     Minutes of the meeting held on 22/03/2019  were received and accepted as a true record. Proposed B. Read, seconded K. Tilby.

5.      Matters arising: Candles: No one has commented adversely (or even noticed). Agreed to review stock of the altar candles before purchasing a further pair of oil candles.

6.      Correspondence:

a.      Deanery synod representatives: Agreed that the APCM should have the power to specify the limits or that there should be no limit to deanery synod reps. Secretary to communicate with the Deanery about this.

7.      Reports:

a.      Finance: Generally in good state even with increased MMF contribution. Agreed to increase contribution to Wye Brooke India trust to £25 monthly by standing order. Proposed B. Read, seconded D. Tilby; carried unanimously. Agreed to transfer £2500 to the General Restoration fund and £2000 to the MMF. Proposed D. Tilby, seconded K. Tilby, carried unanimously.

b.      Church Fabric: Still need to find someone to deal with woodwork restoration. Replacement red carpet to cover the worst of church floor area still being sought.

c.       Hall. Ramp at the front door to improve disabled access and solve water problems is planned but we need to find a small builder to do the work. D. Tilby has purchased new security lights for the hall. The Annual hall clean and redecoration will be undertaken this summer.  We will look at remedial action to make the steps to the kitchen safer.

d.      Welcome group: Further meeting to be arranged on Monday 8th July at 2 p.m. in church. Plans for accommodating a wheelchair within the body of the church need to be made.

e.      Safeguarding: Training meeting on Tuesday to take place(31 attendees listed).

f.        Churchwarden’s meeting: There was a discussion about the mechanism of payment of the Team Administrator (Frank Nolan). It was agreed that we  should work out the amount required (National Living wage base) and divide amongst the five churches. Proposed D. Tilby, seconded R. Purchase; carried unanimously.

g.       Mission and Outreach: Daffodil festival and spring fair went very well. Curry supper for Christian Aid successful.

h.      Quinquennial report. Inspection booked 17th July. We are making a test treatment of the Trewinnard chapel screen woodwork carving.

8.      Eucharistic ministers: George Lawry has been taking communion to his neighbour for years. He is undertaking the safeguarding training on Tuesday and then the enhanced training also required (“C2”). We will reassess in November PCC but he should be allowed to continue the present arrangements pro tem.

9.     AOB (By arrangement).

a.     Health and safety needs to be an agenda item regularly.

b.     Concern was expressed that at a recent wedding items were requested without the wedding party being aware of it or the fees required. This needs to be clarified at the initial wedding meetings and checked at the rehearsal.

c.     A consistent name for the Hall should be St. Erth Church Hall (The Old School).

d.     Stephen Murley expressed an interest in scanning some of the old church records currently residing in the church safe. Agreed unanimously.

e.     Suggested that we should arrange for matching covers for the table and kitchen area. Agreed that we should approach  the sailmaker who made the cover for the chairs at the back of the church.

10.  Date of next meeting: July 19th, September 13th, November 22nd . All 9 a.m. at Boscarnek.

11.  The meeting closed with the Grace at 11.20.



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